• How to Buy the Best Thermostatic Shower Set?

    2020-05-21 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    The working principle of the thermostatic shower is based on the main body of the faucet is equipped with a constant temperature adjustment valve core. During use, it can automatically adjust hot and cold water in a short time to keep its t......


  • How to Choose A Basin Faucet

    2020-05-16 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    The basin faucet is a small piece of home that many people pay attention to when decorating a new house. Whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom, a large number of faucets are closely related to our daily life in the future. Choosing a basin ......


  • Global Sanitary Ware Development Trend

    2020-05-15 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    Global sanitary ware is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and overall supporting Modern sanitary ware manufacturing originated in the United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than 100 years of development, Europe......


  • 4 Must Have Bathroom Accessories

    2020-05-05 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    4 Must Have Bathroom Accessories Many people will collect some good things in the bathroom, such as toilets, wash basins, showers. After all, in traditional bathrooms, there are just a few standard configurations that everyone can think of.......


  • How to Remove A Faucet?

    2020-04-25 [ INDUSTRY NEWS ]

    How to remove a faucet? The faucet guarantees the normal water supply in the home and brings us great convenience. However, with the increase of use time, it is inevitable that damage will occur, such as breaking the faucet with a strong ef......