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The Lack of Industry Standards for Intelligent Sanitary Ware Needs To Be Improved

The Lack of Industry Standards for Intelligent Sanitary Ware Needs To Be Improved

With the promotion of the Internet of things and mobile Internet, the development of smart home industry has been accelerating. Therefore, with the popularity of the concept of intelligent life, intelligent bathroom products are attracting more and more attention from consumers. However, the good momentum of development is inconsistent with the lack of industry standards, which restricts the development of intelligent bathroom.


Variety and variety of intelligent bathroom


Once the smart bathroom tall on the now usually, many brands are in the sale of smart toilet, in addition to everyone familiar with the TOTO, Arrow, and ViVi ViVi, Orans Orans, Kohler Kohler, Dongpeng and so on, more and more brands are selling smart toilet products. Divided into high and low price, low with only 2000 yuan, with 5000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan, high. Nowadays, intelligent toilet is equipped with unique swirling rotating bubble nozzle, which has massage effect on the buttocks, promotes blood circulation, and feels completely clean, avoiding bacterial propagation.


In addition, the mobile phone remote control is also realized in function. Users can control the toilet lid by mobile phone by downloading its corresponding APP, including the function of landing, flushing, and adjusting sitting posture.


Nowadays, bathroom intelligent products include toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, bathroom mirror and so on. Its electric control, digital and automation greatly enhance the comfort and convenience of bathroom experience, and gradually become the new favorite of home decoration. In this regard, the industry also said that the consumer group in the new generation of consumers, the pursuit of quality of life, and intelligent products just cater to the needs of consumers. In addition to the price ratio, consumers pay more attention to their scientific and technological content and quality in choosing intelligent bathroom products.


The lack of industry standards needs to be improved


In the view of the industry, there is a huge obstacle to the growth of the intelligent bathroom industry - no industry standards. Intelligent bathroom is also facing the existing technology and market has not been unified norms and integration, different manufacturers are not compatible with each other, and can not be linked together, so it is difficult to form a unified unified solution. In the current intelligent bathroom production enterprises, some are directly using the mobile phone to control home and household appliances, and some are controlled by the power plug. In addition, some smart home products are controlled by Bluetooth, and some use WIFI. Intelligent bathroom is also the same, in the process of development will inevitably encounter these problems, the need for a unified standard as a whole solution.