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How to Buy the Best Thermostatic Shower Set?

How to Buy the Best Thermostatic Shower Set?

The working principle of the thermostatic shower is based on the main body of the faucet is equipped with a constant temperature adjustment valve core. During use, it can automatically adjust hot and cold water in a short time to keep its temperature stable.

Therefore, we mainly buy thermostatic showers mainly from the main body of the faucet, see the following parts,

1. Thermostatic Valve Core

As the core of technology, the spool is the top priority! Its function is to automatically adjust the mixing ratio of cold and hot water, that is to say, use hot water and cold water to mix out the water temperature you set. This process requires a short time, and the water pressure needs to be balanced. In fact, the spool is also very busy, so the precision is particularly high. The quality of the thermostatic shower with a good spool is guaranteed.

2. The Design of the Water Flow Way

When using the ordinary shower to take a shower, in addition to the hot and cold bath water causing headaches, sometimes we accidentally touch the hot faucet, which can't be hurt by being burned unexpectedly. Therefore, in addition to the water temperature control, the design of a good constant temperature shower also prevents the dragon hair from being hot, so that we can fully experience the pleasant experience brought by the water flow.

3. Filter and disassembly

After using the shower for a period of time, as a baby who loves to clean and talk about hygiene, it is also necessary to disassemble it regularly for cleaning. If the shower is designed with a filter screen, it can directly and effectively filter impurities in the water, which is not only convenient for cleaning, but also beneficial to the service life of the product. It would be better if there is a positioning device, because it can solve the change of water temperature caused by disassembly and assembly, and the operation is simpler!

In addition to the main body of the faucet, it is best for the basin friends to consider a few points when purchasing a thermostatic shower. Generally speaking, the material of the shower faucet is generally made of copper, and the best of all copper, because copper is better than Metals such as steel are less likely to rust. The outer surface of the shower head should be electroplated 5 times, so that the shower faucet is durable. The shower is light and comfortable. The design of the shower seat with lifting, rotating and other functions will be more convenient. Other water output, softness, and water output angle can be selected according to personal preference. The design of a good shower should not ignore the practical performance of energy saving and environmental protection. Some thermostatic showers use oxygen-enriched technology to inject water into the air to achieve a 30% water saving effect.