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How to Clean Bathroom


How to keep the bathroom clean is a headache. In fact, this is not grasp the cleaning techniques caused by, if you have mastered the following recipe, you can easily get rid of all the stains in the bathroom.

Tools / raw materials

Sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid clean toilet spirit alcohol vinegar

Tiles: near the ground wall of the rows of tiles more difficult to clean, prone to yellow water alkaline dirt, even the brush is difficult to clear. At this time, you can clean the toilet with the toilet spirit into the watering cans, or diluted with hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid from top to bottom sprayed on the tiles, after 10 minutes, with a brush to clean up on it.

Toilet: do not underestimate with the rest of the soap head, its role can not be ignored. You can use a piece of gauze or old stockings to do a small pocket, the soap head into the bar hanging in the toilet tank. Soap dissolved in water, can play the role of cleaning the toilet. As for the general easy to overlook the toilet outside the base, the application of detergent spray scrub again, and rinse with water, and finally, with a clean cloth to dry the whole, you can bright white as new.

Mirror: Mirror in the bathroom due to long-term in a humid environment, it will produce water mist to make blurred vision, with dry, wet towels are difficult to clean. You can first coated with a layer of soap in the mirror, and then dry wipes dry, the mirror to restore the clear. This method is also applicable to the glass table in the bathroom, stents and basin.1 (6).jpg

Faucet: the hard water of the faucet, wiped with lemon slices can be eliminated


Plug Shower Head: shower nozzle used a long time will be poor water, usually because of scale accumulation. You can remove the nozzle, soaked in vinegar for two hours, remove the toothbrush brush off the softening of the scale on it.

HS1121 flow.jpg

The Mould Corner: If you do not want to see the stained black and black mould in the bathroom, the best way is to use the diluted alcohol once a week to spray the bathroom. So that you can easily mildew. If you find the corner of the bathroom has been a long mold point, you can also use cotton balls dipped in the amount of alcohol to wipe.