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How To Clean A Shower Head


For many people, take a shower is a very enjoy thing. Warm water from the shower head, slapping on skin, wash away the fatigue of a day.


But as the flower is aspersed more with more long, water yield is less and less. Where is wrong, and should be how to solve?

In fact, there are many factors that can affect the showers of water yield, the scale is more common. If not cleaning the flower is aspersed, use for a long time, its internal can form scale, blocking drainage holes to reduce water yield, greatly influence the shower effect.



If you have a shower there are such problems, take a look at the solution!


The vinegar soak

Scale is the accumulation by the carbonic acid compounds in the water. To deal with the scale can use acid to neutralize. The vinegar was to remove scale the favorable weapons.

Put vinegar and water according to the proportion of 1:1, flower is aspersed soak 3-4 hours, can remove scale.

Bring water, after the success of the vinegar the shower head



The needle prick

If you don't want to wait too long, can directly use sewing needle or try a toothpick.

Aim at each drainage holes, with the aid of thin needle pierced, the scale on the inner wall of the drainage holes. From the inlet water again, complete cleaning.


Bring scale after falling off from the wall, water thoroughly clean again


Toothbrush to clean

Complete the scale removal work, flower is aspersed surface will be a good scrub. Using recycled toothbrush scrub osculum, clean water, after you're done!


Bring flower is aspersed drainage holes will clean care

Unexpectedly, a small scale need to spend a lot of thought to solve. Domestic water quality and more for hard water, particularly easy to form scale, need often clean.